In July 2004, wanting to provide company for our cross-eyed cat, Zezol, we bought a Siberian tortoise-shelled female named Erisa Nona*Pl. Wiewióra /Squirrel/ (because that is how we call Erisa at home), charmed us with her character and that is why we decided to share our lives with Siberian cats. Another Siberian female, blue striped Baja of Baśń*Pl, came to us from Ms. Jola Sztykiel-Kolonowska's cattery from Warsaw. That is how our adventure with Siberian cats began.
In March 2005 we took our Wiewióra for our first Pedigree Cats Exhibition in Opole. We started to learn all customs of such exhibitions, "to feel into" the atmosphere, to get to know breeders and their favourites.
In July 2005, fascinated by the variety of Siberian cats, Neva masquerade, we bought a Siberian female, Kleo-patrę, with the seal-point colour. This variety is not recognized in Poland, but it is highly esteemed both in the Siberians' fatherland, and in the whole world. After two months we got another Neva masquerade female, Lee-Loo, with the blue-point colour.
In autumn 2005 we bought another female, 2.5-year-old black striped Anastazja of Królowe*PL from Ms. Jola Sztykiel-Klonowska, called Igusia at home.

In 2005 we were granted a breeding name Z Zimnej Krainy*Pl

Our cats actively participate in the lives of all family members. They are in no way isolated in separate rooms or in a pen. Accustomed to an every-day home life, loved and cared for, they are trustful, friendly and interested in the surrounding world. In the same manner we treat kittens born in our cattery because cats which are hugged and loved from the beginning grow to be animals willing to live together with man and they bring a lot of satisfaction to their future owners.

Our adventure with Siberian cats is still going on . and there are more and more cats in our home.

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